Fall Of Hammer

When buying a horse at auction sales, once the gavel has fallen and you are the successful bidder, the purchase is contractually yours and you are responsible for it; at fall of hammer risks to and in the horse immediately transfer from the seller to the buyer. Should the horse injure itself coming out of the sales ring, or should it injure itself or die back in the box, or should it injure itself or die while being transported from the sale to its new home, these incidents or accidents are, as buyer, your exposure and become your responsibility, even loss. In these instances, neither the auction sales company nor the vendor will be liable, so our Fall of Hammer insurance cover will be the safety net upon which you can rely for incidents that trigger a claim under the policy.

Fall of hammer at auction cover does not require any health documentation, unless there happens to be a known pre-existing condition, in which case a current veterinary certificate acceptable to underwriters is required.
We also offer special sales rates as well as ‘one-off’ sales offers such as 18 month policies. As with other bloodstock insurance policies, Life Saving Surgery cover can also be included. Just enquire in advance and we can ensure you are covered from the moment the hammer falls.